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Now you can make money online by writting app reviews for us in 4 easy steps. Any one from any where in the world can join us and start earning money online.

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To Apply for campaign write a review and send to the Advertiser

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Once your review is accepted by Advertiser then publish same on play store.

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Voila! Get paid directly in your bank account/Paytm/Paypal for what you love doing.

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Any one from around the world can join us and start making money by writing reviews for us. All you need to do is signup for account.

Samples of Reviews

You will have to write review as per guide lines given by the App owner. We also accept reviews in all languages. Below you will find few samples of reviews just for your reference.

A Google User

I love the app, It is amazing. If you are on the go in the car this if for you. Me and my family are amazed by the app. All my kids do is watch shows on this app.

An Apple User

Very good tool. Helps us hugely to keep track of stock, monitor sales, compare trends and upload images. One or two features restricted to desktop version only but all in all, a great app.

A Google User

It is very nice game. I am enjoying it very much. Its characters tour places all are very interesting. We are playing this from last 2 years and enjoying it till date. There is nothing negative in this, that’s why I am giving it 5 Star Rating…..

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join from any Country?

Yes you can join from any country and start writing reviews for us.

How do we issue payment?

We issue payments via Bank Transfer / Paytm / Paypal

When we issue payment?

We issue payment on 7th of each month.

Is there any minimum reserve?

Yes till your earnings will reach $1 we will hold your payment. Once your earnings will cross $1 we will issue your payment.

How much do we pay per app review?

We pay 25 Cents (USD) per app review.

In which language we accept reviews?

We accept reviews in all languages. But you will have to follow the instructions for each campaign as given by app owner.

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