How effective are reviews for increasing your app's rank?

28 Mar 2020

App reviews are of the utmost importance when it comes to your app's ranking. An app with 0 reviews or ratings doesn't do well in the app store. In fact, it's a practically invisible app with not leverage to make it stick out from the rest of the apps in its competition.

After all the time and energy developers spend on creating and polishing their apps, a positive rating and review can be a happy welcome sight. They can express to the developer that their hard work has paid off duty fully, and they’ve created something users are taking a liking at. Reviews & Ratings are for more than just a developer, though – they also tell to both users and the stores if an app is worth their attention or not. As such, app ratings can impact downloads and App Store Optimization in several ways.

Hence, it's pretty evident that reviews and ratings make all the difference after the app is launched, here are a few pointers to drive the point across.

Conversions rates.
The most obvious impact on app ratings is for conversions – 80% of the users do not trust apps with ratings below 4 stars to be of any calibre. Both the App Store and Google Play Store put an app’s overall star ratings in a visible location on the app.

And on iOS platform the score is visible under the app’s title in search results and over its creative set on the app’s page itself. On the Play Store, the overall rating is shown in the search results and under the app’s title, along with a larger break-down of the ratings after the description to make it seem very authentic. The latest update shows the top positive and negative reviews.

72% of users check for ratings and reviews before installing an app. When users look at apps on the stores, the star rating and positive reviews can quickly indicate to them if an app is well-liked. Users are likely to skip over apps with low ratings and go on to the ones with more positive reviews.

Featured Apps.
App's reviews and ratings will also impact its chances of being featured. Getting you apps featured on app store and play store can definitely provide a huge boost to the apps visibility and in turn it’ll ensure a lot on call to action of that app, meaning more clicks, as the app will be displayed on the top page of the featured section on that play store.

Other apps with a star rating below 4 stars will not be featured. Low ratings indicate that the app has ongoing issues with it, the algorithms will push the app below in search with little to no reviews and ratings.

Organic Rankings.
Ratings are taken in to considerations in determining the overall optimization, an app having too many negative reviews will lose its rankings with the keywords, the other competition will take over in no time. Reviews will make the keywords stand out, for example if a VR game review brings those exact words in the positive reviews such as “best VR game”, “better VR game than the others” it ranks higher in the VR keyword of the games ranking, making it stand out from rest of the VR games in the store, as simple as that!  

Managing Goodwill.
We all know that a company’s reputation is the most important thing there is to manage, app developers are After all, entrepreneurs. They have a repour to keep up, since the app’s ratings and reviews can influence how well is the app received among st the users and its chances of being featured, a developer would want high scores over all, but as it is known, you just can’t please everyone.

Receiving criticism is a thing that would be inevitable, but how the developer manages the critics is what managing the good will is all about, it’ll indicate the user that you are listening to the concerns, a healthy back and forth about improving an app will help in better service, updates and keep the apps ranks higher.

In conclusion, an app’s star ratings and positive reviews can and do impact its overall success in numerous ways, Reviews in particular will influence a user’s inclination towards downloading or paying for the app. With a good review management, you can keep your app’s reputation well.

While having a close to perfect rating and review in your app seems like a dream in today’s competition, we are here to help you through this journey, you can simply go to and buy organic and believable reviews for your app, with keywords and positive tonality, along with a more organic rating as per your desire.

The app you worked on with so much time and effort, deserves to be in higher rankings, a small price for a greater success with will ensure your step towards success as a developer.

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