What Factors Really Impact Your App Store Ranking?

16 Mar 2020

Anyone with a good knowledge of SEO will tell you how important is your app store ranking. With approximately 65% of the users finding an app through general browsing in the said App store, this is a legitimate important stuff.

The higher the ranking, the more exposure your app will receive, which will in turn bring more traffic and ensure more downloads. What really determines whether your app will feature at the top of the app store results or at the bottom or the app store?

Today we will take a good look at the four important factors that actually impact your App store Ranking.

1.    Title of your App.
2.    Keywords you Targeted.
3.    Number of Downloads.
4.    Positive reviews & Ratings.

1.    Title of Your App.
Out of all of the keywords that the attach to your app, the one keyword that is included in your title holds the heaviest weight when it comes to app stores.

As a matter of fact, Apps that include keywords in their title rank on average 11.3% higher than their keyword-less counterparts.

Many app developers don’t pay much attention, they opt for a short or brand able peppy title for their app. This seems perfectly fine and reasonable but the two of them aren’t mutually exclusive. You can and should include your most important keywords and still create something that reflects your app and brand.

2.    Keywords you Targeted.
The keywords you put on the App Store are somewhat similar to the keywords people use in search engine optimization purposes. The keywords you directly choose impact the search terms you rank for.
However, unlike with search engine optimization, where theoretically you could produce a number of contents to rank for thousands of keywords, in the app store you’re restricted to just 100 characters. 100 characters are nothing, you need to choose wisely.

3.    Number of Downloads.
Obviously, App Store Optimization will only get you so far in the game. App stores are more interested in giving the users a greater experience than to notice how well optimized your app description is. If more people are downloading your app, it will significantly improve your reviews and ratings. Most importantly app stores focus on the download velocity. an app that’s been released a month ago will have a fewer total download ratio than the app who’s been in the marker for over a year, but if it’s been downloaded more frequently and has a strong store presence it will still rank higher.

4.    Positive Review & Ratings.
This is a relatively new kind of addition to the app store ranking algorithm, your app’s rating and reviews will also impact your rank. From app store’s point of view this makes total sense. Providing ‘better’ apps, at least when it comes to ratings and higher positive reviews should improve a user’s experience. You have to notice that there’s a significant difference between apps that are above the 4-star ratings and numerous positive reviews and those who are not. An app above 4 stars receives a boost in rankings, apps below 3, receives a penalty.

Of course, it’s of utmost importance to create an app user will come to love, but arguably more important is curating an app that is smooth running, glitch-free. Glitches are the number one reason for people to dread an app with ratings below 3.

Even if your app had received some negative reviews, don’t sweat it just yet. Work hard on creating an update that will fix the problems in hand. App stores gives priority to the reviews made post-update more than the previous version’s reviews.

Drawing a proper Conclusion.
To wrap this up in a perfectly, you should focus on these four factors if your intent is to gain a larger traffic for your app. Keeping in mind the leverage good reviews and higher rankings have over your app’s app store rankings, developers should be able to make a noticeable difference.

Many of these factors are strongly linked, picking relevant keywords brings the targeted audience or users to your app, who would be more likely the people to leave a positive review and a decent rating.
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